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Children don't play to learn; they simply learn because they play.

The Bolognani Method focuses on establishing a loving and healthy pedagogy where the child enjoys themselves and learns from their purest nature: play.


I am Valeria Bolognani, a violinist, violist, and educator, creator of the Bolognani Method.

I studied violin performance at the Conservatory of Music in Alicante (Spain) and instrumental and vocal pedagogy specializing in viola (with a focus on elementary music education) at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

I remember that my favorite pastime when I was barely five years old was to play "teacher." I spent many hours with my little chalkboard, pretending to teach and explain.

I am passionate about what I do because I have turned my favorite game into my profession. Therefore, I consider play to be the fundamental factor in early childhood education that must be respected and promoted.

The Bolognani Method aims for the infant to learn from their purest nature, as the child's play can become the adult's profession.

Violine Lehrerin


I am Francisco Lolli, a 3D designer and electromechanic born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Primarily focused on creating 3D models using tools like Fusion 360 and Ultimaker Cura, with exceptional skills in visualizing and producing high-quality three-dimensional designs.

In 2023, I joined the team of the Bolognani Method to lead the implementation of 3D gaming projects.

Thanks to my in-depth knowledge of 3D modeling techniques, understanding of current artistic trends, and ability to select textures, colors, and shapes, I am able to provide the necessary features to ensure the uniqueness of each design.

My responsibilities include translating requests into actionable tasks. This involves interpreting and converting existing plans into three-dimensional models, as well as comprehensive and careful monitoring of the printing process.

Violine spielerisch lernen
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